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Transparency Code

In December 2014, the Government issued the Transparency Code for smaller authorities and providing the annual turnover remains under £25,000 the  requirement is that the following information must be published on the Parish Council Website. The information must be published by 1 July each year at the latest however items relating to agendas and minutes must be published more frequently.

  1. all items of expenditure above £100 (exclusive of VAT) showing date / purpose / amount / VAT that cannot be recovered. Exceptions to this will be employee salaries when individual salaries can be identified
  2. end of year accounts as per the annual returns
  3. annual governance statement as per the annual returns
  4. internal audit report
  5. details of public land and building assets
  6. agendas, approved minutes and papers of formal meetings
  7. names of councillors, their responsibilities, and which committees and outside bodies they are put into by your council

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