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Brant Broughton and Stragglethorpe Parish Council - Policy Documentation List

The following are policies that have been formally adopted by the Parish Council along with the date of adoption. These can be viewed on the council’s website and new Councillors are directed to them as part of the Councillor Induction programme.

1. Planning

1.1 Parish Plan

2. Finance - Review all policies October 2015

1.2      Financial Standing Orders  -  to include  
                    Internal controls audit and review purchasing procurement polices

 Asset register control

1.3      Financial Risk Assessment   

1.4      Grant awarding policy and procedure  

1.5      Insurance

2 Operations - Review all policies July 2016

2.2   Code of conduct      

2.3   Complaints procedure

The following policies are work in progress and have not yet been formally adopted by the Parish Council but the principle to develop and adopt them has been agreed.

1. Planning

Neighbourhood Plan

Design statement

2. Finance

General revenue reserves policy

3. Operations

Standing orders

Document management policy or Record Keeping

Equal opportunities

Emergency planning – flood plan

Lone and Isolated Working policy

Community Engagement

Statement of Intent

3 Strategy

Business plan

Annual Report

4 Facilities Services

Marketing Strategy – How the Council is portrayed and advertised as a business


Rights of Way

5 Communications

Public Protocol

Freedom of Information

Publication Scheme

Data Protection

Information and Communication

Technology IT Email, Internet and Phone Policy

Social Networking Protocol

6 People

Bullying and Harassment or dignity at work policy

Child protection and vulnerable Adults

Flexible Working

Grievance and Disciplinary Policy

TOIL and Leave Policy

Staff and Councillor Training, Development and Induction Policy

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